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Capone prided himself as a man with style. If he ever killed someone himself, or one of his henchmen killed an important person, hundreds of dollars worth of flowers was sent to the funeral. In one fight between Capone’s men and another gang, an innocent woman was shot, not fatally, and required hospital treatment. Capone personally paid for all the hospital fees. He also would pay for all children’s hospital bills when he visited.







He is, however, perfectly willing to fuck with time and reality.

And also steal your infants.

He didn’t steal anything. She literally asked him to take the baby. Don’t make him the bad guy just because she was a shitty sister.

I think you are severely misinformed as to how baby ownership works.

It was not her baby to give.

David Bowie is unquestionably the villain.

Which do you think existed first, modern custody legislature, or the goblin king? 

The girl was entrusted by her parents with the care and custody of the child. By the laws governing the goblin king and his transactions, the girl was the current rightful owner of the child and made a deal with the king to take the child. Perhaps you’re not familiar with english folklore. Fae have rules, they’re tricksters, they can be sneaky, but they never break the rules.

Slammin’ it down in the Labyrinth fandom tonight, kids.

What do you think existed first, the goblin king, or the desperate need to make girls into villains?

Sarah (which is the girl’s name, by the way) said something a bit mean-spirited after her father and stepmother dumped responsibility for her baby brother on her without asking her first. By the laws governing the goblin king and his transactions, the goblin king didn’t have to do shit; he’s the fucking king, and he took Toby out of pure spite, a desire to toy with her. Perhaps you’re not familiar with English folklore and its obsession with pretending women are always to blame. Fae have rules, they’re tricksters, they can be sneaky - and just because they never break the rules doesn’t mean that they’re not bad guys.

Neither one is really the bad guy to me. 

I’m a HUUUUGE Labyrinth fan.

It is about her needing to grow up, she isn’t the villain. She made a bad choice, which puts her under his power—but not really, never is she in any real danger—he always backs off when she stands up to him. 

It is her realizing what it means to actually stand up for herself vs whining about “its unfair.” And his ever fun remark of “I wonder what your basis for comparison is.”

It is coming of age, and he represents a choice she made—that she at first thinks that she wants, but has to overcome.  (this is repeated again and again in the movie, her making a choice and then realizing it wasn’t quite what she expected—the biting fairy, the peach, trusting Hoggle, wishing away Toby, dancing with Jareth, her fantasy bedroom in the trash heap, giving her ring to the Wiseman, listening to Willum the Worm, etc)

He plays his part and is enchanting and beguiling. Ultimately, it is the part though,that she cast him in.

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