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This is what happens when you explore the “Science Fiction” section of the Children’s part of Netflix.

Apparently this show exists.

Jason of Star Command.

I had no idea that Filmation(of He-Man and She-Ra fame) made anything live action. Apparently they did. They made this. And you can hear and see a lot of similar tricks. The voice of the bad robots in this sound a whole lot like the Horde Troopers, the laser animation looks pretty familiar… I’ve only watched 20 minutes of it, so I can’t say what else.

Anyways. It is about this space guy above, aka, Han Solo knock-off. Who is on a space station run by a commander Scotty. He has a questionable
wacky scientist for a friend and some random chick.

Oh and little pet windup toy robot that he nicknames “Wiki.”

The bad guys also seem to fly a furry space ship. (Is it like an evil space moustache?)

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  1. lazydad said: OMG. We watched this the other day! Busy daddy is trying to get the boy into it, but it’s not taking.
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